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Sea water filters available from Novatron Australia

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Novatron Australia  designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of water filtration systems suitable for purifying sea water and brackish water. Sea water filters designed by Novatron Australia are available in a range of models and designs. The company uses reverse osmosis techniques for the removal of dissolved salts, organic substances and microfine particles from the water. The water filtration systems designed by Novatron Australia works on the basis of this reverse osmosis technology. The energy efficient water desalination equipment manufactured by Novatron Australia is tested for quality and performance. Novatron Australia offers customised design and manufacturing services for a range of water filtration systems.

Using three dimensional design and computer aided manufacturing strategies, Novatron Australia offers design and installation services for a range of sea water filters. The sea water filters supplied by Novatron Australia are easy to operate and maintain. The N.2000 SWE model of industrial grade water filters from Novatron Australia is suitable for installation in fishing fleets, leisure crafts and charter vessels. The sea water filters can be used as effective tools for generating portable water.

Novatron Australia offers onsite installation, support and maintenance services to its clients with distinct water purification needs.

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