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Nufarm Australia’s Spraywise Seminars – Managing Spray Drift

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More than 700 farmers and agronomic advisors have heard and seen ways to reduce off-target spray drift at 19 spray application workshops held by Nufarm in the past four months.

The workshops were conducted as part of the company’s Spraywise program and were well received, according to the co-ordinator, Jorg Kitt.

Nufarm introduced the Spraywise program last year to significantly reduce the incidence and risk of spray drift damage to a diversity of crops without compromising spraying efficacy.

The workshops were designed to look at the drift problem from all angles – the role of chemicals used, influence of nozzle choice and set-up of machinery, impact of weather and governing legislation.

Consultant for weather services, Graeme Tepper, presented informative insights into the complexity of local weather predictions.

“Mr Tepper explained microclimates at ground level and how inversion layers form and how they can affect spraying operations,” said Mr Kitt.

Richard Warner and Frank Taylor from the R&D team at Nufarm differentiated phenoxy products according to their volatility and explained differences between vapour drift and physical droplet drift.

“A very popular part of the workshop was the hands-on demonstration provided by spray application consultant, Bill Gordon,” said Mr Kitt.

“He demonstrated visually how nozzles producing a coarser spray quality were less affected by drift.

”Senior Chemical Standards Officers presented at the workshops and discussed new legislation such as the extension to chemical control areas in Victoria and new legislation stipulating phenoxy products must be sprayed with nozzles that produce a COARSE to VERY COARSE spray quality.

“The Spraywise workshops were an excellent example of how Nufarm can pull industry resources together and apply its knowledge to provide viable information and a service of relevance to the farming community,” said Mr Kitt.

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