Nutri-Tech Solutions

Nutri-Tech Solutions P/L is an Australian Company specialising in biological and organic fertilisers (over 200 products - 76 BFA registered) and animal health. Services include the four day Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Therapy  - a personalised soil analysis and report that outlines your individual definciences and excesses and addresses how to correct these levels in the soil and plant.


Supplier news
24/07/08 - Nutri-Tech Solutions provides manufacture and distribution services for a range of animal and human health products.
Supplier news
23/07/08 - Nutri-Tech Solutions manufactures an extensive range of agricultural products, animal and human healthcare products and farm support equipment.
Supplier news
22/07/08 - Nutri-Tech Solutions offers development and supply services for a range of sustainable agricultural products.

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Nutri-Tech Solutions (Head office) Update these details
7 Harvest Rd
QLD 4561
Tel: 07 5472 9900
Fax: 07 5472 9999

Nutri-Tech Solutions Brands

Algi-Life™ Aloe-Tech™ Amino-Tech™ Boll-Boost™ Brixmaster™ CalMag-Life™ Cal-Tech™ Cloak™ Dia-Life™ Fertigate - Total Cover™ Gyp-Life™ Horiba Hot Mix NPK Huma-Life™ Huma-Tech™ Hydro-Brix™ Hydro-Care™ Hydro-Gold™ Hydro-Life™ Hydro-Mate™ Hydro-Plex™ Hydro-Shuttle™ K-Carb-35™ Life-Force™ Life-Lime™ Mag-Life™ MEND™ Micro-Verm™ Min-Life™ Nutri Cast Vermicast™ Nutri Store Crushed Lava™ Nutri-Cal Rapid Release™ Nutri-Care™ Nutri-Gen™ Nutri-Gyp Natural Gypsum™ Nutri-Kelp™ Nutri-Key™ Nutri-Life™ Nutri-Lime Super Fine™ Nutri-Mag Magnesite™ Nutri-Mate™ Nutri-Neem Cold Pressed Neem Oil™ Nutri-Phos Liquid™ Nutri-Phos™ Nutri-Sea Liquid Fish™ Nutri-Store™ Nutri-Verm™ Path-X™ Phos-Force™ Phos-Life™ Phos-Tech™ Photo-Finish™ Sea-Change™ Seed-Start™ Seed-Tech™ StockSaver The Big Four™ Tonic-Tech™ Triple Ten Water Wizard™ Zeo-Life™ Zeo-Tech™ Zinc-Life™

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