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Animal health products from Nutri-Tech Solutions

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Nutri-Tech Solutions  provides manufacture and distribution services for a range of animal and human health products. Using constant research and development strategies, Nutri-Tech Solutions develops effective animal health products. Some of the animal health products distributed by Nutri-Tech Solutions include StockSaver, Pet Saver, StockSaver Plus, Aqua-Clean, Poultry saver and SeaChange Stock-Booster. The StockSaver range of stock food supplements supplied by Nutri-Tech Solutions contains selenium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and copper. The humic acid content of the stock food supplements supplied by Nutri-Tech Solutions helps in increasing the cellular balance levels in birds, fishes and animals.

The stock food supplements distributed by Nutri-Tech Solutions, enhances the immune and digestive systems of animals. Livestock owners with commercial feedlot management needs can benefit from the animal health products manufacture and supply services offered by Nutri-Tech Solutions. The Poultry-Saver range of health promoters supplied by Nutri-Tech Solutions can be used for improving the quality of meat and eggs produced in poultry farms.

The animal health products manufactured by Nutri-Tech Solutions are certified by the Biological Farmers of Australia. Nutri-Tech Solutions also offers educational and training services to farmers and livestock owners with modern process management and control requirements.

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