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Monitoring meters and energy devices available from Nutri-Tech Solutions

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Nutri-Tech Solutions  manufactures an extensive range of agricultural products, animal and human healthcare products and farm support equipment. The sustainable agricultural products developed by Nutri-Tech Solutions help farmers and grain growers in maximising productivity and profit. Using biological manufacturing techniques, Nutri-Tech Solutions offers manufacturing services for a wide range of agricultural products. The organic agricultural products manufactured by Nutri-Tech Solutions include liquid fertilisers, microbial products, dry mineral fertilisers and microbial inoculums. Agribusiness owners with crop monitoring and agricultural process control and management needs can benefit from the monitoring meters supplied by Nutri-Tech Solutions.

Some of the monitoring systems designed and distributed by Nutri-Tech Solutions include refractometers, plant sap pH meters, sap extractors, sharp pocket pH meters, plant sap sodium ion meters and soil test core samplers. The refractometers from Nutri-Tech Solutions can be used for predicting the yield, disease pressure and stress resistance capabilities of crops. The refractometers can be used as effective tools for measuring the sugar, mineral and vitamin brix levels of plants.

The refractometers manufactured by Nutri-Tech Solutions are available in lightweight durable designs. The phosphorous levels of plants can be measured using the refractometers supplied by Nutri-Tech Solutions.

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