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Turbo Turf 2 liquid fertiliser from Nutrian Liquid Fertilisers is a highly concentrated fully water soluble liquid fertiliser formulated specifically for turf. It includes readily available macro and micro elements in an optimal balance.

The benefits of Turbo Turf 2 liquid fertiliser include:

  • This easy to use free-flowing formulation is compatible with a wide range of turfs.
  • It is a readily available trace element source. These elements are essential to positive growth, vigour and crop yield.
  • There are synergistically formulated trace elements in this liquid fertiliser.
  • This is a unique formulation which controls the release of nitrogen as the plant needs it. In fact, 50% of the Nitrogen is slow release.
  • It contains effective chlorophyll builders for quick corrections of deficiencies and greening of foliage.
  • It contains complex carbohydrates which help nutrient uptake and also help to retain nutrients in the root zone.

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