SoluZINC Fertiliser with Sulphur Blend from Nutrian Liquid

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SoluZINC Fertiliser

A high analysis ZINC blended with Sulphur. Designed to provide an early energy boost for early vigour and improved plant health.
SoluZINC sulphur blend fertiliser
  • Formulated with a concentrated balance of ZINC and Sulphur to ensure maximum nutritional utilisation.
  • Accelerates seedling development through increased availablilty of essential nutrients from germination. It also assists with nitrate assimilation.
  • Formulated to ensure uniform particle coverage and increased plant uptake.
  • Uniquely formulated to be used as a quality foliar feed.
  • Enhances early root development and encourages healthy and vigorous root systems.
  • Assists in counteracting stress in crops when used as a foliar application.

Questions about this product

Can your liquid SoluZinc be used in a water injection system and sown with the seed?
Yes, it can, if you are going to use UAN with it please contact Dave on 0437770283 and he will be able to assist you with this.
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