Turbo Turf 2 Fertiliser

Turbo Turf 2
Turbo Turf 2
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Turbo Turf Fertiliser

A highly concentrated fully water soluble liquid fertiliser formulated specifically for turf to include readily available macro and micro elements in optimal balance to supply maximum benefit.
Turbo Turf designed to enhance turf growth

  • Easy to use free-flowing formulation compatible with a wide range of turf products.
  • Readily available trace element source essential to positive growth, vigour and crop yield formulated for maximum uptake by the plant.
  • 50% of the Nitrogen is slow release; a unique formulation which controls the release of nitrogen as and when the plant needs it.
  • Contains effective chlorophyll builders for quick corrections of deficiencies and greening of foliage.
  • Contains complex carbohydrates which assist in nutrient uptake and assist in retaining nutrients in the root zone.
  • Synergistically formulated trace elements to ensure maximum uptake of macro-elements.

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