Zincman Zinc Formula Designed For Early Seed Health from Nutrian Liquid Fertilisers

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Zincman Zinc Formula

Nutrian Liquid Fertilisers offer Zincman Zinc formula specially designed for boosting early seed growth.

A high analysis suspension of ZINC and MANGANESE blended with kelp extracts and complex carbohydrates.
Zincman Zinc formula designed to provide an early energy boost for early vigour and improved plant health
  • Formulated with a concentrated balance of ZINC and MANGANESE, kelp extract and complex carbohydrates to ensure maximum nutritional benefit.
  • Easy to use Free-Flowing Formulation compatible with a wide range of agricultural products including most seed dressing.
  • Contains Kelp - a natural germination booster, supplying plant hormones to stimulate seed germination and root growth.
  • Uniquely formulated to be used as both a seed dressing and foliar feed.
  • Accelerated seedling development due to essential nutrient availability from germination. It also assists nitrate assimilation
  • Enhances early root development and encourages healthy and vigorous root systems allowing the plant optimal access to essential nutrients and moisture from the soil.
  • Contains complex carbohydrates to assist the fungal and bacterial breakdown of the Zn and Mn into useable forms.
  • Assists in counteracting stress in crops when used as a foliar application.
  • Formulated with micronised particles to ensure even coverage and increase plant uptake.
Zincman formula designed to maximise the health of your seeds.
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