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Oz Turners ' compost turners are used for mixing organic materials which after a small period of time will break down into a healthy, useable compost.

They are suitable for use with materials such as:

  • Livestock manure
  • Poultry manure
  • Vegetable waste
  • Straw
  • Hay
  • Green waste
While mixing the materials, the compost turners also aerate the materials. This promotes faster composting.

Another important ingredient is water which needs to be added during the composting process. These compost turners have a built-in watering system to attach to an external water supply that sprays water inside the compost turner tunnel while the material is being mixed.

In addition, the compost turner has a removable towing system that allows a water wagon to be towed beside the compost turner and to pump water into the inbuilt watering system.

As the name suggests, Oz Turner compost turners are Australian made. All component parts are sourced within Australia.

Every compost turner sold is set up onsite personally by the companies managing director, Dale Beck. He oversees the whole process from the initial sale, to the building process and then to the delivery and setup. He aims to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the machines and know how to properly operate and maintain them.

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