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Sentinel electronic snake repellent from Oakent has been getting excellent results in getting rid of rattlesnakes in the USA. The Sentinel Snake Repellent had had great success in removing Pacific Rattlesnakes in California and Diamondback Rattlesnakes in Texas. Along with these results, there have been very positive results with Copperhead Snakes and Water Moccasins in North Carolina.  

The unique Sentinel Snake Repellent, is a solar powered self contained device designed to create an area where snakes do not want to be, more effective than any snake fence.

The sense organs of snakes are uniquely different than those of mammals and other animals. Unlike mammals, which mainly rely on their sight and hearing, snakes rely primarily on their senses of smell and touch.  

The snake Repeller emits a pulse / vibration through the earth, which the snake picks up through sensors throughout its body. The snake perceives a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area; most snakes will retreat almost immediately.

Snakes actually sense the vibration from the Sentinel Snake Repellent right throughout their bodies via their spine, this is termed somatic hearing, where the vibration is picked up and transferred along the spinal cords to the ear bone.

It has been designed and produced to give years of trouble free service with no running costs. Solar powered for economy and low maintenance, built of sturdy materials to resist the elements. It integrated high quality solar panel and power cell provides reliability to work continuously day and night, All year round even throughout prolonged periods of dull overcast weather. Each unit will protect approx 650sq m.

If you need to keep Brown snakes away from your home or get rid of Tiger snakes, then the Sentinel Snake Repellent is the only safe option.

It is environmentally safe and will not affect any other animals, birds or livestock.

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