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Livestock sales and marketing from Oconnor & Graney

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Oconnor & Graney  specialises in livestock marketing, farm management and real estate services. Oconnor & Graney was established in 1984 and is known to offer quality livestock.

Oconnor & Graney holds all its livestock sales at the Mount Gambier Saleyards, Princes Highway, Glenburnie. Cattle sales are conducted every week on Wednesdays at 8.00 in the morning. Oconnor & Graney also holds store sales and sheep sales. Store sales are held on 3rd of every month on afternoons, while sheep sales are held weekly on Wednesdays in the afternoon.

Oconnor & Graney also deals in real estate and offers numerous properties for sale. Oconnor & Graney offers Kongorong dairy farm which measures approximately 303 acres. The house is made of Mt Gambier stone and includes 4 bedrooms. The farm consists of 2 large implement sheds, feed shed and 5 grain silos with a total capacity 172 tonnes. The dairy farm comes with 300 top quality Holstein cows and is provided with fencing and a central laneway. Oconnor & Graney offers real estate properties to suit specific needs and budgets. Farm management services are also provided by Oconnor & Graney also.

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