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Cooking salt and salt crystals from Olsson Industries

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Olsson Industries  offers a wide range of salt products such as sea salt rubs, salt crystals, cooking salt, table salt, fine salt and coarse salt. Olsson Industries offers a variety of salts products which includes wild thing sea salt rub, Great White sea salt rub, It’s Rosemary sea salt rub, big chilli and garlic sea salt rub, lemon sea salt rub, thyme and oregano dolce sea salt rub, macrobiotic sea salt crystals, liquid sea minerals, sea salt crystal picnic pack, sea salt crystal, rock sea salt, cooking salt, flossy salt, table salt, iodised table salt, medium coarse salt, medium fine salt and rock salt.

Olsson Industries also offers water softener, coarse refined salt, dairy salt, fine salt, Pacific flossy salt, Pacific iodised fine salt, Pacific table salt catering, Pacific pool salt, Pacific water softener, sodium bicarb pH buffer, chlorine stabiliser, swimming pool calcium, citric acid and ascorbic acid.

Salt products from Olsson Industries are available in 10, 25, 100, 200, 500 and 750 gram packs. In addition to producing a wide range of salt products, Olsson Industries also manufactures nutritional products for livestock. Olsson Industries offers quality nutritional supplements for livestock.

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