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Nutritional supplements for livestock from Olsson Industries

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Olsson Industries  specialises in the production of salt and nutritional supplements for livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats and horses. Olsson Industries started operations in 1949 and manufactured supplements to meet the nutritional needs of sheep and cattle during the severe drought in 1947.

Olsson Industries produced its first salt block in 1949. The salt contained a range of minerals. Dr. Wayne Backhouse, director of nutrition from Olsson Industries, is presently working with Prof. Leng, one of the experts on ruminant nutrition.

Every year, Olsson Industries sponsors numerous seminars on free ruminant nutrition all over Australia. The seminars are conducted for educating the grazier in better livestock nutrition. Olsson Industries also offers a FreeCall Nutritional Advisory Line for graziers on feeding programmes and problems faced with their livestock.

Olsson Industries produces block boxes which are made from 100 percent recycled, unbleached cardboard. The block boxes can be can be easily consumed and digested by the livestock. Olsson Industries continues to develop better products and methods of packaging. Olsson Industries offers a variety of salts products and acids which are food ingredients, multi-purpose mineral supplements and water softening units.

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