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Sea salt rubs and nutritional products from Olsson Industries

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Olsson Industries  offers a wide range of nutritional products and salts. The nutritional products are suitable for sheep, beef cattle, horses, equines, goats, deers, alpacas, merino stud rams and weaner cattle and sheep. The range of nutritional products includes Beefmaster, Beefmix, Bentobite, Blotliq, Breederphos and calcium molasses, to name a few.

The Beefmaster from Olsson Industries is a magnesium block that helps in preventing grass tetany in cattle and is available in 15 and 40 kilogram packs. Olsson Industries has introduced Beefmix which is a concentrated loose-mix supplement, and helps in preventing acid build-up in the rumen due to excess grain feeding. The supplement is a combination of balanced premix with the added benefit of Bovatec or Rumensin. The supplement results in better utilisation of nutrients and leads to rapid weight gain.

Bentobite from Olsson Industries is a natural clay supplement for all livestock, while Blotliq aids in bloat control. Breederphos is a dry mix and has a high phosphorous content and is suitable for all livestock. In addition to providing nutritional products, Olsson Industries also manufactures a wide range of salt products such as seal salt rubs, table salts, cooking salts, rock salts, to name a few.

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