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Introducing OmniSTAR GNSS for Australian farmers

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OmniSTAR  presents OmniSTAR GNSS services to Australian farmers seeking precision technology for agricultural activities.

OmniSTAR specialises in providing affordable advanced technology to the Australian agricultural industry. Launched earlier this year, OmniSTAR GNSS was originally intended to add robustness as a result of the increased number of navigation satellites available, but has also resulted in a 30% decrease to OmniSTAR convergence time.

OmniSTAR GNSS provides high-precision correction signals from both the American GPS and the Russian GLONASS satellite navigation systems.

The dual GPS and GLONASS constellation service benefits Australian users by providing a more robust solution wherein OmniSTAR GNSS users can experience 19 satellites in view of their receiver, resulting in a stronger ability to navigate antenna obstructions including trees.

Being compatible with industry recognised guidance/steering receivers, OmniSTAR does not require additional hardware, making it an affordable solution for precision agriculture users who seek the latest technology for their work.

The combined use of GLONASS and GPS is a major advantage for high precision applications using OmniSTAR. Continuing developments in the way the OmniSTAR corrections are calculated and applied will ensure OmniSTAR users remain at the forefront of guidance and positioning technologies.

As new OmniSTAR solutions become available, OmniSTAR users will benefit from the flexibility offered in easily accessible solutions available for immediate use with new or existing guidance/steering receivers.

Changes to OmniSTAR subscriptions can be made with a quick phone call and implemented without interruption to precision farming activities.

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