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OmniSTAR GNSS now available on farm license

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Real-time satellite correction services delivered by OmniSTAR optimise the capabilities of guidance and steering systems used by farmers, increasing productivity by reducing overlapping and skipping.

Precision agriculture users employing OmniSTAR technology report less driver fatigue and greater personal comfort during peak periods of farming activity such as the current planting season.

OmniSTAR has been, for many years offering their customers in Australia, farm licenses as an economical way to combine several subscriptions and spread the cost over the whole farm. A farm license includes the initial subscription with additional subscriptions available at a significantly reduced rate lowering the average cost of OmniSTAR services.

OmniSTAR has now responded to their customers’ requests to make available OmniSTAR GNSS to Australian farmers on an OmniSTAR farm license.

Key benefits of OmniSTAR GNSS: 

  • Combines GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations to provide farmers with almost twice the number of satellites in view
  • Allows farmers’ guidance and steering systems to navigate past trees and other obstructions more readily
  • Offers the user greater robustness and reliability
  • Delivers a 30% reduction to standard convergence time as a result of increased number of navigation satellites available
Compatible with all industry leading guidance/steering systems, OmniSTAR services do not require additional hardware, making OmniSTAR the ideal solution for precision agriculture users who seek the latest in technology and proven reliability.

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