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Amino and fulvic acid concentrates from Omnia Specialities Australia

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Omnia Specialities Australia  manufactures foliars which contains trace elements such as copper, iron, zinc, manganese, calcium boron and phosphorus. Omnia Specialities Australia offers OmniBoost-K which is a specially formulated with fulvic acid and contains amino acids to suit Australian conditions.

Omnia Specialities Australia manufactures SeedBoost which is a special formulated liquid seed dressing that helps in increasing nutrient levels in seeds. Mega-Kel-P is an organic based nutrient solution which is high in nitrogen and phosphorus and contains essential chelated trace elements, amino acids and stimulants.

Omnia Specialities Australia offers K-humate which is a liquid concentrated soil conditioner and is available in 18 or 26 percent concentration. K-humate 100 contains 78 percent of humic acid and is 100 percent soluble. This product is one of the most concentrated forms of soluble humate. K-humate 90 contains 60 to 65 percent of humic acid and can be mixed with inorganic fertilisers to enhance nutrient chelation and exchange. Fulvate contains fulvic acid concentrate with potassium fulvate and offers quick results when used as a foliar spray. Fulvic Acid is a soluble powdered acid hat contains 75 percent of fulvic acid and 18 percent of potassium.

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