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Audio and video intercoms from Online Garage Doors

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Online Garage Doors  offers audio and video intercoms, solar gate openers, garage door remotes and solar numbers. Garage Doors offers video intercom which is a large 7 inch high definition screen.

The video intercom from Online Garage Doors offers hands free inter-communication and includes an adaptor and cable for connection. The intercom offers high definition picture, wide views and has adjustable volume, colour and brightness functions. The intercom is energy saving and has a weatherproof aluminium alloy outdoor panel.

Online Garage Doors offers wireless audio intercom which offers dual-way intercommunication and clear voice. The intercom has a digital transmission for sound signal and has a working distance of up to 100 metres. The wireless audio intercom does not consume power in the standby status and is perfect for gate entry communication.

Online Garage Doors offers solar gate openers which feature a motor drive unit for continuous solar operation. The solar gate openers have an electronic sensitivity system that stops or opens the gates if obstructed. Gates can be opened to approximately 130 degrees. In addition to supplying audio and video intercoms and solar gate openers, Online Garage Doors also offers roller door opener, tilt door opener, DIY door opener and gate opener.

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