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Zero till disc seeders from Oram Engineering

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Zero till disc seeders are available from Oram Engineering .

While repopulating infested areas with native grasses or pasture species. The cutting action of the 24 or 26 inch coulter chops, disrupts and retards the tussock. The increased competition helps suppress the tussock and the higher nutritional value increases the stock holding potential.

Zero till disc seeders feature a static mainframe with retractable coulter units and walking wheel arms. This helps to share loads and minimise impact forces as the unit crosses even the most irregular surfaces.

Zero till disc seeders may be purchased with an option of a hydraulic breakout. This feature has added a new level of control over down forces applied to coulter units.

In addition, the individual breakout allows users to sow right up to and immediately after obstacles, with minimal disruption to the sow pattern. And the cutting action of the 6mm thick 24 inch or 26 inch double bevelled coulter minimises hair pinning issues.

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