Frost Detection Systems for Crops from Orbit Communications

Delivers a reliable and instant alarm before frost strikes crops
Delivers a reliable and instant alarm before frost strikes crops
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FrostAlertâ„¢ - Early warning frost detection and alarm system

FrostAlert™ frost detection systems assists to avert damage to crops and offers peace of mind by providing an early warning alarm of impending frost conditions.

Receive periodic temperature information 
  • Reliable instant alarm before frost strikes crops
  • Option for direct alert to a nominated mobile phone added monitoring capability
  • No ongoing running costs or monitoring charges
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Built durable and robust to provide ongoing reliable performance
  • Low power remote detection units run from renewable energy sources such as solar panel
No need to wake up every few hours to check outside temperature
  • Consists of one or more remote sensor units that can be installed at various locations where the temperature requires monitoring
  • With the remote unit being able to be located away from the house, it is able to be powered by solar panels.
  • Activates an audible and visual alarm when temperatures in the field fall below the programmed set-point
  • The frost detection systems have outputs that are can be switched to turn on a watering for fogging system for a programmed period of time to help lower risk to crops
Early warning alarm of impending frost conditions
FrostAlert™ provides accurate, early warning frost detection and alarm that sends regular temperature update information to a base station located in the house or shed. The remote units are monitored continually to ensure healthy communications link.
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