Improve Safety with the Proximity Detection and Warning Systems from Orbit Communications

Create an invisible shield around objects that need to be protected
Create an invisible shield around objects that need to be protected
Create an invisible shield around objects that need to be protected Detect objects through smoke, fog and dust
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BodyGuard Proximity Warning System

Orbit Communications BodyGuard proximity detection and warning systems sets up an invisible shield around any object that needs to be protected, which is able to lower the risk of collision between any moving objects.

Significantly improve workplace safety
An alarm is sounded if the invisible shield is penetrated by the other object, allowing any persons, vehicles and property to be protected from any injuries or damage that may occur.
  • Set the desired protection zone range around each object
  • Detect objects through smoke, fog and dust
  • Resistant to interference of heat, sound and light
  • Monitor staff compliance to your safety policies and procedures
  • Identify trends in safety non-conformance to enable improvement to your OHS systems
  • Analyse driving habits of your operators
Applications for the BodyGuard Proximity Warning System
  • Warehouses
  • Protection of work areas such as bulk packing racks and picking areas
  • Open Cut mines (Large Haul Road trucks, personnel and Utility vehicles)
  • Forestry projects
  • Forecourts
  • Storage Depots
  • Gantry cranes
  • Truck stops
  • Garden Centres
  • Anywhere lowered risk of collision is required
Effectively method protecting people, vehicles, machinery and property from injury and damage
BodyGuard Proximity Warning System ensure staff are reporting near-miss situations involving personnel and driver exclusion zones such as pedestrian walkways and picking isles. This also helps determine if current process flow or area layout is a contributing factor to near miss situations. Having the BodyGuard Proximity Warning System demonstrates business owner's pro-active "duty of care" with regard to safety and well being of staff or farmhands.
BodyGuard Fixed Alerts for Work Areas
BodyGuard Fixed Alerts for Work Areas BodyGuard Collision Avoidance System BodyGuard Proximity Detection and Warning System
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