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Proximity Warning System from Orbit Communications Improves Workplace Safety

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Orbit Communications  releases the 4th generation model of their BodyGuard vehicle and personnel proximity warning system.  

The industrial-quality proximity warning system improves workplace safety by reducing risk of collision between vehicles, personnel and equipment. The rugged construction of these proximity warning systems allows their use in any environment.

Offering powerful functions and reliable performance, BodyGuard proximity warning system does not require on-going maintenance or cleaning. With the BodyGuard, operators need not constantly look at the screen to see the progress of the vehicle or equipment.  

The system provides reliable proximity detection capabilities in typical industrial environments where smoke, dust and water can be commonplace.

False proximity warnings due to heat sources, objects such as rocks and buildings, ultrasonic noise from motors or electrical noise from man-made or natural sources are not given out by the proximity warning system.  

BodyGuard proximity warning system can be used for reliable proximity detection in indoor and outdoor applications without any dependency on external infrastructure such as GPS networks to provide the warning.  

BodyGuard proximity warning system alerts the driver with an audible and visual alarm that is activated to provide warning of proximity to other objects such as vehicles, machines or personnel.  

In addition to the on-board audible/visual proximity warning, the system has four digital outputs that can be used to control the speed or movement of a vehicle or provide an auxiliary external proximity warning.

The output signals indicate pre-warning proximity to another object and then a second output can be used to stop the vehicle in addition to the proximity warning.

The proximity warning system operates by creating an invisible safety zone around any object that is fitted with a BodyGuard proximity warning device. The range of this invisible safety zone is programmable from a couple of metres to around 100 metres.  

Whenever any object fitted with a BodyGuard proximity warning device enters the detection zone of another object fitted with BodyGuard, an audible/visual warning is activated to alert the operator or driver.

A built-in history log allows the user to analyse near-miss events from real-time data that facilitates pro-active reduction of risk at the workplace.  

BodyGuard proximity warning system provides:

  • Vehicle to vehicle proximity warning
  • Vehicle to fixed hazardous zone or safe work area proximity warning
  • Personnel to vehicle proximity warning
  • Personnel to moving machinery proximity warning
  • Machine to machine proximity warning

Typical applications of BodyGuard:

  • Warehouses and picking areas
  • Open-cut mining operations
  • Shipping/ cargo handling areas
  • Cranes and general construction sites
  • Truck loading bays
  • Industrial sites

Features of BodyGuard

  • Effective reduction of collision risk at the workplace
  • Pro-active tool for risk management
  • IP67 ingress protection for harsh industrial environments
  • Clear visual and audible proximity warning to alert operator
  • Robust construction suitable for use in harsh industrial environments
  • Programmable proximity warning safety zone
  • Switched outputs to enable control of vehicle or external proximity warning
  • Prevents expensive downtime and possible litigation
  • C-Tick approval for use in Australia


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