Reduce Greenhouse Emissions with the Wireless Lateral and Pivot Monitoring Irrigation System from Orbit Communications

Save fuel and time as well as effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Save fuel and time as well as effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions
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Agrigator Wireless Lateral and Pivot Monitor and Alarm System

The Agrigator Lateral and Pivot monitoring and alarm systems will save users save time and money, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Agrigator eliminates the need to drive back and from the site to check on the irrigation system.

Receive instant alerts anywhere, anytime
  • Prevent loss of crops as a result of flooding
  • Not prone to high induced voltages during lightning activity like long cable run
  • Saves fuel, time and greenhouse gas emission
  • Saves water wastage in event of pipe break or system failure
  • The Agrigator will let users know if there is a problem
  • Ongoing reliable performance and peace of mind
Effective and reliable wireless irrigation monitoring
  • High/Low water pressure
  • Pivot out of line
  • Circle Complete
  • Loss of Power
  • Loss of Phase
  • Pump stopped
  • Generator stopped
  • Manually or remotely(via mobile phone) Start or Stop Generator, Pump and Pivot
Protect pumps from running dry
The Agrigator is suitable for both Pivot and Lateral irrigator equipment. Users will have peace of mind with continuous monitoring 24 hours a day. The Agrigator is easy to install and user friendly, with a maximum monitoring range of up to 10km. Options for wireless remote start/stop for electric or diesel pumps are available.
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