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Vehicle and personal safety systems from Orbit Communications

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Orbit Communications  offers vehicle and personal safety systems for protecting vehicles, equipment and staff. Orbit Communications has developed a state-of-the-art wireless proximity detection and alert system called BodyGuard. The vehicle and personal proximity detection systems provide protection from a couple of metres to over 50 metres.

Orbit Communications offers a range of wireless input and output devices for industrial applications. The input and output devices can be used to remotely monitor machinery, control processes and provide alarm notification. Wireless Remote Control systems are available ranging from several hundred metres to over several kilometers.

Orbit Communications offers wireless remote frost warning alarm systems. The systems help in preventing damage to crops by continuously monitoring temperature in farms. When the temperate dips below the desired level, the system sends an instant text message to a mobile phone. The remote units are low power devices and can be powered by battery or solar. Wireless remote frost warning alarm system is available with remote temperature sensor units and is ideal for all type of crop growers. Customised wireless solutions are also provided by Orbit Communications to suit specific needs and applications.

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