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New device protects server room from meltdown
18.10.2013 - Orbit Communications has introduced a new standalone temperature monitoring solution designed to prevent over-temperature conditions in server rooms.
Remote level monitoring provided by AnalogBridge systems from Orbit Communications
17.01.2013 - The AnalogBridge system by Orbit Communications provides remote level monitoring for continuous level instruments such as dams, reservoirs, and water and sewerage tanks.
PulseMaster transmitter system from Orbit Communications
17.01.2013 - The PulseMaster system has been designed by Orbit Communications to monitor water flow or rainfall.
Pump control systems from Orbit Communications
17.01.2013 - The Wireless tank monitor and pump control system from Orbit Communications gives you the ability to remotely monitor the levels of your tanks and automatically control the pu
Wireless irrigation monitoring systems, why make the switch?
28.08.2012 - Wireless irrigation monitoring systems, such as those from Orbit Communication are becoming increasingly popular.
Convenient, reliable wireless pump control systems from Orbit Communications
25.07.2012 - EverPump wireless pump control systems from Orbit Communications monitor water tank levels in an accurate and reliable manner.
FrostAlert frost prediction and warning systems Orbit Communications
24.07.2012 - Orbit Communications has released its FrostAlert frost prediction and warning systems, which are designed to prevent crop damage and warn farmers of any imminent frost conditions.
Wireless irrigation monitoring systems detect problems efficiently and effectively
23.07.2012 - Agrigator wireless irrigation monitoring systems from Orbit Communications monitor pivot or lateral irrigators.
FrostAlert warning systems from Orbit Communications
11.05.2012 - The FrostAlert early frost warning system can help to prevent damage to crops by providing an early warning of impending frost conditions.
Forklift and Personnel proximity alarm systems from Orbit Communications
18.08.2011 - The BodyGuard industrial proximity alarm system provides a safety solution for warehouse applications.
Pulse transmitter system for water monitoring
01.07.2011 - The PulseMaster system from Orbit Communications is designed to monitor water flow or rainfall remotely.
TempSaver wireless temperature monitor from Orbit Communications
16.05.2011 - TempSaver wireless temperature monitors are designed to provide peace of mind monitoring for Chicken broilser and other Poultry farmers.
Wireless Irrigation Monitors by Orbit Communications
24.11.2010 - The Agrigator is a new line of wireless irrigation monitoring systems introduced by Orbit Communications.
Remote GSM Temperature Alarms for Computer Server Rooms from Orbit Communications
18.11.2010 - GenTemp remote GSM temperature alarms are available from Orbit Communications to monitor temperatures in computer server rooms.
GSM Remote Tank Alarms by Orbit Communications
29.10.2010 - Orbit Communications introduces a new line of GSM remote tank alarm systems for tank monitoring and tank level detection applications.
Wireless Pump Control Systems from Orbit Communications
28.10.2010 - Orbit Communications introduces the EverPump wireless pump control systems designed for remote pump control, tank overflow monitoring and irrigation monitoring applications.
Proximity Warning System from Orbit Communications Improves Workplace Safety
08.10.2010 - Orbit Communications releases the 4th generation model of their BodyGuard vehicle and personnel proximity warning system.
The BodyGuard proximity warning system from Orbit Communications increases worker safety in logistics centres
08.03.2010 - A proximity warning system, the BodyGuard, is now available from Orbit Communications, which provides a risk management solution for locations where forklifts and personnel work in close proximity.
Orbit Communications introduce the BodyGuard proximity alert system for better risk management in the workplace
05.03.2010 - The BodyGuard proximity alert system from Orbit Communications provides warehousing and logistics centres with a risk management solution where forklifts and personnel working in close proximity.
The BodyGuard proximity alarm system from Orbit Communications keeps personnel safe while working near operational forklifts
04.03.2010 - Now available from Orbit Communications, the BodyGuard proximity alarm system provides a solution for warehousing and logistics centres where personnel work in close proximity to forklifts.
The BodyGuard collision avoidance system is now available from Orbit Communications
03.03.2010 - Now available from Orbit Communications, the second generation BodyGuard collision avoidance system lowers the risk of collision between vehicles and personnel.
EverPump wireless pump controllers from Orbit Communications improve water efficiency
11.11.2009 - Orbit Communications EverPump wireless pump controllers give dependable wireless control of pumps straight from the level of the tank.
Web based monitoring and control systems from Orbit Communications
23.07.2008 - Orbit Communications offers web based and GSM mobile phone based systems for remote access purposes.
Vehicle and personal safety systems from Orbit Communications
22.07.2008 - Orbit Communications offers vehicle and personal safety systems for protecting vehicles, equipment and staff.
Remote water and temperature monitoring systems from Orbit Communications
21.07.2008 - Orbit Communications specialises in manufacturing wireless remote controller products such as temperature monitoring and alarm systems, water monitoring, wireless input and output systems and vehicle and personal safety systems.
Temperature, humidity alarm system from Orbit Communications
16.06.2008 - The TempSaver wireless temperature and humidity alarm system, available from Orbit Communications, is the ideal choice to protect the investment.
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