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Crop protectants from Organic Farming Systems

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Organic Farming Systems  offers organic crop protectants which provide enhanced seed germination, healthier root systems and improved chlorophyll production.

The range of organic crop protectants from Organic Farming Systems includes Black Kelp, Fol-Up, Humus 26, MicroPlus and Super Kelp. Black Kelp is a concentrate that is harvested from the North Atlantic coastal waters. The kelp contains over seventy naturally occurring nutrients, including major and minor nutrients, amino acids and other growth generating substances. The Black Kelp crop protectant helps in improving plant defence systems, plant appearance and colour, nutritional value and shelf life.

Fol-Up is a foliar fertiliser uptake enhancer from Organic Farming Systems. The fertiliser can be applied to plants to correct nutrition deficiency. The fertiliser improves the uptake of nutrients which promotes quicker seed germination and faster root and shoot growth. The fertiliser is a good source of carbon for soil micro organisms and offers drought protection.

The Humus 26 fertiliser from Organic Farming Systems helps in improving soil conditions by retaining moisture and nutrients. The fertiliser also promotes soil biological activity and improves soil structure. In addition to providing organic crop protectants, Organic Farming Systems provides organic matter management and sustainable farming solutions.

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