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Fertilisers and inoculants from Organic Farming Systems

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Organic Farming Systems  offers cost effective organic fertilisers and organic crop protectants. Organic Farming Systems has developed a range of products to generate healthy biologically active soils. The sustainable products offers a number of benefits such as improving moisture and nutrient retention and providing better yields and quality produce. The products reduce the incidence of pest and diseases, facilitate breakdown of organic matter and allow release of nutrients to the crops.

Organic Farming Systems provides liquid and solid organic fertilisers which help in improving soil conditions. OFS New Era High N is a solid organic fertiliser which is a high quality pelletised fertiliser made from composted poultry manure and feather meal. The organic fertiliser delivers a good source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for improved soil and plant conditions. The solid organic fertiliser is a certified input for organic farming.

Organic Farming Systems offers organic fertiliser and inoculants which eliminate the need for synthetic fertilisers. The fertilisers result in increased yields, improved quality of produce and reduce plant disease. Organic Farming Systems offers soil and tissue analysis service for customised fertiliser programme for farms.

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