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Organic fertilisers from Organic Farming Systems

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Cost effective organic fertilisers and inoculants are available from Organic Farming Systems .  By using organic fertilisers and inoculants it is possible to improve soil and reduce the reliance on increasingly expensive chemical inputs.  

Organic Farming Systems have a range of organic fertilisers and inoculants, designed to help create healthy biologically active soils. Many farmers who don’t use organic fertilisers are finding a steady decline in soil quality which is reflected in reduced organic matter levels, higher fertiliser use, reduced quality of produce and compacted soils (requiring more horsepower).  

Organic Fertilisers promote healthy biologically active soil, which will:   

  • Improve moisture and  nutrient retention in the short term
  • Improve yields and quality of produce
  • Provide medium term benefits of improved quality and reduced incidence of pest and disease
  • Allow the micro-biology in the soil to break down the organic matter and provide slow release nutrients to the crops
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for synthetic fertilisers, heavy pollutants within themselves
Organic Farming Systems recommend their soil and tissue analysis service for a balanced, customised fertiliser program for farms.

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