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Sustainable organic farming systems

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Organic Farming Systems’  goal is to educate and equip growers with cost-effective fertility programs which meet the needs of the current crop and continually improve the quality and productivity of farmers’ greatest asset – the soil.

Many farmers have experienced steady declines in soil quality and are becoming dissatisfied with farming methods that progressively rely more heavily on chemical inputs, without improved profitability.

Improving soil health is generally the first step to improving crop health and reducing the farm’s reliance on chemical inputs. Organic Farming Systems can help you to improve your soil and crop health with cost-effective inputs and advise on organic/sustainable farming methods.

Organic Farming Systems clients have experienced:

  • Increased yields
  • Improved quality of produce
  • More efficient use of fertilizer and water
  • Reduced plant disease
  • Improved soil structure, moisture levels and colour
  • Organic planning and certification
Organic Farming Systems provide real understanding of soils and organic farming and make a real difference to farming operations.

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