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Realtime radar and weather station observations from Oz Forecast

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Oz Forecast  specialises in providing realtime radar, weather station observations and detailed forecasts for Australian locations. Oz Forecast provides Brisbane Home, Brisbane Forecast, Local Observations, State Extremes, 7-Day Rain Report, 4-Day Graph, 3-Month Graph, Queensland Radar and National Radar.

Oz Forecast provides Brisbane Home service which includes latest weather observation near Brisbane, Mt. Staplyton radar and surface wind vectors and Brisbane one week forecast. Brisbane Forecast includes detailed rain forecast, 8 Day OCF forecast for 8m ASL at Brisbane and 8 Day GFS forecast for 4 kilometres WSW of Brisbane. The Operational Consensus Forecast (OCF) and Water and the Land (WATL) forecast are provided by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Oz Forecast provides State Extremes which includes QLD wind gusts, national wind gusts, QLD rainfall since 9am, national rainfall since 9am, QLD rainfall to 9am, national rainfall to 9am, QLD maximum temperatures, QLD minimum temperatures, national maximum temperatures and national minimum temperatures. OzForecast.com.au is a project of Oz Forecast.

Oz Forecast provides 7 day rain report which includes local stations, westerly stations, northerly stations, easterly stations and southerly stations. Oz Forecast operates out of Narrabri, New South Wales.

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