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Troughs, canopies and spray tanks from Ozpoly Water Tanks

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Ozpoly Water Tanks  offers a range of farming products such as troughs, canopies and spray tanks. Troughs are lightweight, strong, durable and do not rust or crack. Round and rectangular troughs are available with covers and floats. Troughs can even be used as duck/fish ponds, children’s pool etc. Ozpoly Water Tanks offers troughs which are available as 350, 500, 750 and 1000 litre round versions.

Ozpoly Water Tanks offers canopies which are stronger and more durable than fibreglass. Canopies are non corrosive; UV stabilised and has high impact strength, and is available in large, medium and mini versions. Canopies are also available with 2 x 19 millimetre bars for easy mounting onto existing roll frame. Ozpoly Water Tanks also offers 400 litre capacity spray tanks which are available with manhole and outlets.

Ozpoly Water Tanks offers a comprehensive range of rainwater tank accessories to complement water tank installation. The range of accessories includes hose kits, fittings, level indicator, water filter, light guard, flap valves, tank top up system, ball valves and wireless level indicators. Ozpoly Water Tanks also provides products to minimise dirt and leaf buildup The range of products include inlet strainer, overflow strainer, first flush, leaf catcha and leaf eater.

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