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Breeding bulls and cows from P.B Fenech

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P.B Fenech  is offering bullock breeding bulls, trade steer breeding bulls and herd bull breeding bulls at the 2008 bull sale. The event will be held at the Chase, Sarina, Australia. The sale will commence from 11 in the morning. Pre sale inspection will be organised from 9 am onwards. The sale will include PBF Lindsay Manso 847/7, PBF Billie Jean Manso 995/7, PBF Monica Manso 978/7, to name a few.

P.B Fenech will be offering a variety of stud sirs for stud operations. The bulls from P.B Fenech are known for uniformity, strength and capacity. P.B Fenech adheres to the basic of breeding and uses an intense line of breeding programme to produce structurally sound bulls.

P.B Fenech uses its top 50 percent of females for extensive embryo transfer and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) programme. P.B Fenech uses this process to increase predictability and selected traits. P.B Fenech ensures that any animal which falls below the desired standards are not used in the breeding programme. P.B Fenech was established in 2004 and specialises in breeding commercial livestock such as grey Brahman heifers, bulls and cows.

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