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Stud bulls, heifers and cows from P.B Fenech

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P.B Fenech  specialises in breeding commercial livestock such as grey Brahman heifers, bulls and cows. Paul and Brigid Fenech, proprietors of P.B Fenech, founded the stud in 2004, and began its operation by importing the first Brahman heifers from the JD Hudgins ranch in Texas. P.B Fenech mainly focuses on breeding Brahman studs.

In 2003, P.B Fenech imported a powerful sire JDH Palestimo R Manso 787/6, which holds a world record for semen price. P.B Fenech also imported JDH Marri R Manso 356/6 along with Palestimo and secured a number of exclusive semen contract from the US. P.B Fenech later ventured on to start its own commercial stud.

For Brahman enthusiasts, P.B Fenech offers high quality genetics to benefit all breeding and marketing programmes. JDH Mr Mosley Manso 368/1 is one of the young sire from P.B Fenech which won the International Grand Champion Bull award. The bull was sired by a JDH Mr Shannon Manso bull. P.B Fenech has catalogued over 15 cows for its forthcoming female and genetics sale. The cows were sired by JDH Mr Shannon Manso bull. P.B Fenech invites commercial breeders to secure these bloodlines to improve their stud productivity.

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