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Deterrents and remote trainers from PCS Animal Control Equipment

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PCS Animal Control Equipment  provide remote trainer equipment to control the animals. The remote trainers are available in models such as premium, advanced and basic trainers, deluxe big dog remote trainer, remote spray trainer and field trainers.

The basic trainers are further classified into various types. FS-15 A trainer is ideal for reinforcing commands and it helps in stopping unwanted behaviours of the dogs. The collars are resistant to water and come with six-volt replaceable battery. Field Pro range of premium trainers comes with lithium ion rechargeable transmitter, lithium rechargeable collar, lanyard and belt clips.

Deluxe big dog remote trainers from PCS Animal Control Equipment are ideal for pets over 40 lbs and comes with ten levels of stimulation. This deluxe big dog remote trainer has waterproofed receiver and transmitter, test lights, long and short probes, receiver collar, low battery indicators on both transmitter and receiver.

Deterrents from PCS Animal Control Equipment include scarecrow, cat top and so on. The scarecrow helps in detecting animals that intrude in the gardens. These animals are intruded through their movement and heat. Scarecrow detects the animals and scares the pests away by sudden bursting of water. It is easy to set up and it can be connected to the garden hose.

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