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PR Power designs turnkey mobile power generation system for remote drilling campsite

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PR Power  designed, engineered and supplied a turnkey mobile power generation system for a remote drilling exploration campsite in the Queensland outback.

Zebra Constructions sought a mobile power solution to supply ongoing, uninterrupted power for their customer’s remote Queensland drilling exploration 30-man campsite. The camp would remain in one location for approximately 4-6 weeks, before being relocated to a new location with the entire project expected to operate for two years.

Given the repeated relocation of the campsite, Zebra Constructions supplied a containerised modular camp system for the buildings, enabling quick set up and disassembly, ease of transportation and improved durability. PR Power’s brief was to supply a durable mobile power generation system that would reliably match these requirements.

PR Power designed a generator power system utilising two 100kVA prime powered generators (Model PR110P-SAE) mounted on a common skid base complete with a 4,500L bulk fuel tank and all necessary power connection points including an automatic transfer switch (ATS). The two diesel generators are also fitted with three-way fuel valves, so that they can operate from their own fuel tanks within the generator enclosures.

Each PR110-SAE generator comes with a 550L fuel tank (fully bunded for environmental protection) that can be used as an emergency reserve, providing up to 38 hours of run time. In the event the bulk fuel tank does not receive fuel on time for any reason, the camp can still be powered for 2½ days using this emergency fuel supply.

Two generators have been used in the design of the power generation system with one functioning as the primary power supply, receiving its fuel from the bulk tank, while the second unit would act as a back-up power source during servicing or in the event of any failure of the first genset, ensuring up to 10 days of continuous, uninterrupted power between refuelling.

The changeover from the primary generator to the secondary is done automatically without any human intervention to ensure a seamless process. Provisions have also been made for the main camp distribution board to be mounted on the unit to enable connection quickly and easily each time.

The dimensions of the skid base measuring 10.6m L x 2m W allow easy transportation without the need for cranes during relocation. Gantries fixed around the generators enable servicing to be performed quickly and efficiently.

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