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PR Power’s PR50-DF Dust Fighter for dust suppression at ports

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PR50-DF Dust Fighter from PR Power is a high performance dust suppression system ideal for controlling dusty environments including ports.

Grain handling is a common occurrence at all major ports around the country. Loading and unloading grain generates a large amount of dust, which can become an environmental nightmare for port authorities, bulk handling companies and grain owners. Dust control efforts become complicated due to the nature of the dust particles, which can come in all sizes and with different properties.

Given the strict regulations set forth by the EPA and the potential to be penalised for non-compliance, port operators require a simple but efficient dust control solution. PR Power has the innovation, expertise and equipment to provide a total turnkey solution for the dust suppression issue.

The PR Power PR50-DF Dust Fighter generates a very fine mist up to 50m in radius with the ability to rotate up to 350°.

The proven dust suppression system that has been awarded the European Rental Product of the Year 2010 requires a 3 phase power supply and a readily available water supply to operate, with PR Power supplying the hoses, fittings, cables and cable covers for mechanical protection as part of the package deal.

However, a single PR50-DF unit may not be sufficient to handle dust suppression at ports, given that sea winds are capable of changing direction quickly and without notice. Multiple units stationed across the port will be able to effectively provide dust suppression from any wind direction quickly and without the need to relocate the units.

PR Power has the expertise, knowledge and equipment to successfully control dust emissions not only in port applications but also in quarries, mines and landfills.

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