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PRO-MA guarantee that the benefits of using their PRO-MA Fuel and Oil Additives will save you money and give you a guaranteed improvement that will far exceed the cost of the PRO-MA performance products, without taking into consideration the long term benefits from continuous use.


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24/05/11 - MBL3 Spray from PRO-MA Fuel and Oil Additives is a multistage penetrating lubricating spray.
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16/03/10 - Now available from Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives, 'Mix-I-Go' is a fuel treatment product made from a successfully compounded mixture of gasoline and water.
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15/12/09 - Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives know the risks involved with using Ethanol, oxygenated fuel, without adding Pro-Ma PT5/GT5 Petrol/Gasoline Treatments and DT5 Diesel Treatments to it.
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04/12/09 - Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives have recently recieved feedback from three customers who purchased and used their Pro-Ma MBL Oil additives.
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