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Application advice for Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives MBL Grease

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article image Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives MBL Grease for superior lubrication

Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives  MBL Grease is a high performance lubricant with micro-metallic particles which can be used on a variety of joints bearings, axles, winches and gear boxes.

When applying MBL Grease, Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives offer the following advice to ensure the best results from the performance product:

  • Ensure all parts are thoroughly cleaned before applying the MBL Grease. It is vital not to mix the MBL GREASE with another grease as compatibility problems may arise. This applies particularly to clay-base high temperature grease for disc brake wheel bearings. Clay, or bentonite grease can be heated to red heat without the grease deforming, however if one drop of oil or another type grease is added, the grease will turn to oil.
  • When packing grease into a bearing, make sure that the grease is meaded thoroughly into the ball or roller cage areas where rubbing friction occurs. Ball and roller bearings do not require a large quantity of lubricant.
  • When packing wheel bearings, pack only the bearings, not the hub, otherwise grease will be forced out through expansion, and the seal face may become dislodged.
  • When packing grease into an industrial housing, fill only the lower third of its capacity. A 50mm bore ball bearing will operate at 1500RPM for 10,000 hours before requiring grease replenishment.
  • Do not use a high pressure, or pneumatic grease gun on universal joints or ball joints fitted with seals. Most grease and oil seals are designed to a maximum rating of 15P.S.I.
  • Use the Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives MBL Grease sparingly. If used sparingly it will prove cost effective in comparison to most other greases.
Tests have shown that MBL Grease's water absorption is negligible, making it ideal for boat trailer bearing and marine use. Even if the grease becomes dislodged by water spray, the copper and lead will provide residual lubrication. The copper and lead particles will not cause electrolysis whilst suspended in oil or grease.

Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives MBL Grease can be used in the following applications:

  • plain bearings, axles and thrust bearings, including heavy equipment
  • ball and roller bearing, including electric motor, and disc brake wheel bearings where 250°C grease is specified
  • ball joints, universal joints, tie rod ends, spring shackles
  • hoists, winches, conveyers, wire ropes, chains, propeller shaft stuffing boxes and rudder posts
  • gear boxes, open and low speed, and manual steering boxes where a semi-fluid grease is specified.

NB: It is important not to use MBL Grease where food contact is likely, or where temperatures above 250°C are likely to be encountered. Also, the maximum continuous operating temperature of Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives MBL Grease is 205°C.

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