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Benefits of using the high quality Pro-ma Petrol Treatment PT5

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Why should consumers be using high quality Petrol Treatments like the Performance Product PT5 Petrol Treatment from Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives ?

This amazing product has been in continuous use all over the planet for over 70 years and still performs many more functions than any other product that we are aware of when added to the fuel systems of all engines that consume petrol and gasoline.

The benefits of Product PT5 Petrol Treatment include:

  • Protection of the environment by reducing exhaust emissions
  • Control the moisture absorption that occurs into today's fuels
  • Protect the expensive fuel pump and injector components
  • Cleans the fuel and combustion and exhaust system while you drive and so your engine runs more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Will dramatically improve the economy by making the fuel burn longer and more completely and hence saving money at the gas station.
  • Reduces the engine wear through it's upper cylinder lubricant and saving money on expensive repairs.
By adding the Pro-Ma Petrol Treatment each time you add fuel to the tank of your car, truck, motorcycle, outboard motor, motor mower or line trimmer, we guarantee they will last longer, become more reliable and have a higher resale value when used continually.

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