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Ensure Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives Performance Products work every time

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Occasionally a customer will ask why they have not received the expected benefit after using Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives Performance Products. In every case investigated there has been some relevant and overriding factor as to why this might be.

Those people who have been using the performance accessories and products for many years have built up personal experience and have obtained continuous and positive results from using Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives Performance Products.

Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives know how their performance accessories and products should be used to ensure the customer receives the maximum benefits these products can offer.

There is always the individual who believes that “if a little is good, then more is better.” Overdosing can have a detrimental effect on fuel economy when considering the Petrol/Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Treatments. The products are designed to remove combustion deposits slowly without detriment to the system. Overdosing can result in spark plug fouling, and could also dislodge excessive amounts of carbon.

If the fuel system contains large quantities of water then it is possible to carry more water through the system than is desirable. With correct dosage foreign matter can be disposed of without detriment, incorrect dosage can result in a fuel filter blockage shortly after commencing use of the product.

Ensure the vehicle is not being driven to its maximum capacity. If an engine is being driven to its absolute limit, you cannot expect an improvement in fuel consumption. Also as Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives Fuel Treatments usually result in a horsepower increase, if this additional horsepower is used, then the fuel economy improvement may not be as great as if the same horsepower range applied.

If an engine is at the end of its life, an improvement may not be possible. Referring to the Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives Metal Based Lubricants the same recommendations as above apply: do not overdose, and give the products time to do their job as these are also designed as long-term preventative maintenance products.

Before marketing or purchasing the metal based lubricants, find out about the condition of the engine, its current oil usage or any relevant recent repair in order to make a better decision on the performance product recommendation or purchase.

Be particularly careful not to overdose tractor gearboxes, where a common fluid is used for the hydraulic systems. The correct dosage is that which applies to the hydraulic system, which is only a fraction of that applicable to that of a gearbox without hydraulic oil commonality.

Many cars have recently been using friction-modified multi-grade oils, and are experiencing oil consumption from cylinder glazing. The Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives Metal based Lubricants can often assist in this respect, but shouldn't be expected to correct the problem overnight.

Pro-Ma Fuel and Oil Additives Performance Products have been marketed in a number of countries for periods up to and beyond 40 years, and when used in the recommended way have proven their worth.

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