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How Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives can help protect the environment

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How do products from Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives protect the environment?

Petrol Treatment from Pro-Ma has been shown in the T.A.F.E. College Report to reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 50% in test engines, unburnt hydrocarbons by 75%, and fuel economy by 13%, with a 10% Horsepower improvement. Pollution is also reduced with improved spark plug cleanliness and durability.

In the same report, Diesel Treatment from Pro-Ma showed a reduction of 30% in exhaust smoke density, a 10% improvement in Horsepower, and a 10.1% reduction in fuel usage in a G.M. 371 Diesel Engine.

Pro-Ma MBL Oil Metal Based Lubricants can reduce oil consumption, reducing smoke emission. Oil metal based lubricants can also reduce piston ring blow-by with the same result.

The MBL is not problematic when disposing of the used oil, it should be returned to a service station or trade waste centre where the copper and lead can be removed by centrifuging and the oil treated for use in oil-fired furnaces.

Continual use of these products will usually result in a benefit that far outweighs the cost, and users will be helping to protect the precious environment.

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