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New miracle 'Mix-I-Go' hydro fuel treatment now available from Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives

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Now available from Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives , 'Mix-I-Go' is a fuel treatment product made from a successfully compounded mixture of gasoline and water, invented and patented by American chemical engineer, R.J Bell.

The fundamental principle of 'Mix-I-Go' (no Pro-Ma Fuel Treatments) is the fact that it causes gasoline in a motor to burn more slowly, giving a more uniform push to the power strike. This thereby reduces friction and vibration, which increases the life of the engine.

Unwatered fuel gives a big push at the start of the stroke, but does not last the entire stroke, as hydro-vapor causes it to do. 'Mix-I-Go' fuel treatment removes carbon deposits from a motor over a period of three months. The product will reduce consumption of fuel and greatly reduce cost the of maintenance.

When added to motor fuels, 'Mix-I-Go' enables the consumer to obtain added miles per gallon, more revolutions per minute and it removes carbon lead and other foreign deposits from within the explosive chamber.

After the discovery and perfection of the product, extensive road tests were made with Chrysler, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Ford and other motor vehicles that extended over a distance of 200,000 miles. The results of these tests were even greater than had been anticipated.

A research laboratory which tested three samples of gasoline containing 'Mix-I-Go' reported improvements in fuel consumption and removal of deposits from the motor’s combustion chamber. In the tests a 1942 model passenger car was used and the engine was connected to a 175-horsepower Midwest-Dynamic eddy current dynamometer. Cox flow meters were used to measure the instantaneous fuel flow and an inclinometer and orifice were used to measure the air flowing into the engine carburetor.

Tests have also shown that when this fuel treatment product is added to the fuel of a light or heavy airplane, it will increase the motor revolutions, manifold pressure, and the maximum speed.

When used in motors the product instructions advise consumers to use approximately 12 ounces per 10 gallons the first time, and to follow at the rate of six ounces per 10 gallons. On lighter planes it is recommended four ounces to 10 gallons be used.

In the five years since Mr Bell first began selling 'Mix-I-Go' to fleet owners, trucking companies and business houses for use in operating their rolling equipment, he has received hundreds of letters testifying to the excellent results obtained.

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