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Noisy lifters solved with Pro-Ma MBL Oil additives

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article image Pro-Ma MBL8 Oil Additives help reduce valve lifter noise

Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives  have recently received feedback from three customers who purchased and used Pro-Ma MBL8 Oil Additives to reduce lifter noise. These testimonials are as follows.

Testimonial - John Portelli, Automotive Mechanic, Sydney.
“Hi, I received everything in the mail like you said, thanks a million! I’ve treated my Subaru engine of 280,000 km with the Pro-Ma MBL8 Oil Additive and took the boys to school the next morning (when the lifter noise is at its loudest and longest) and absolutely no lifter noise from cold to operating temperature.

I would like to trial it for the next week to be 100% then if it consistently stays quiet and still produces the extra power, with your permission I would love to create an outlet in Sydney for this much needed miraculous product.

I tried everything with this car previously to fix the problem including replacing seals in the oil pump, replacing the thermostat with one that opens later, different oil viscosities etc and nothing has worked like the Pro-Ma MBL8 Oil Additive.”

Testimonial - Deano Maling, Malaysia.
“Hi, sorry for the late reply. I received the package a day after your last mail and was waiting to give it a try until yesterday. True to the claim made by forum-ers, the Pro-Ma MBL8 Oil Additive truly worked. I changed the engine oil last Saturday, added the recommended portion and the noisy lifters are now silent. I have a few friends that have the same problem and I have recommended them the product. I gave them your email so they could contact you directly.


Testimonial - Johan, South Africa  
“Hi, I received the package last week. We own a 1998 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5 with 193, 000 km on the clock. As is typical with these motors the hydraulic lifters have become rather noisy. I did an oil change over the weekend, adding the Pro-Ma MBL8 Oil Additive.

After running the motor for a few minutes the lifter noise disappeared completely.

Thanks for a great product!”

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