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Pro-Ma Performance Products: MBL Grease and MBL Concentrate

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MBL Grease and MBL Concentrate: a case study

Bernard Hamoline of Bernard Hamoline Farms was recommended the range of Pro-Ma Performance Products by a friend. The friend said that he would recommend them to anyone who has a farm or any equipment that moved.  

Hamoline was initially sceptical of anything ‘new’ in these products. Having farmed with his brother for over 22 years, he thought he ‘had seen them all’. But he trusted the friend and decided to try out these Pro-Ma Products.  

Hamoline has used nearly all their range, including the diesel and gasoline Fuel Treatment, the MBL grease and the MBL concentrate for his tractors, trucks, seeding equipment and feeding equipment in hydraulics (hydrostatic) and P.T.O. areas.  

In every case, he was happy with the results. They have saved Hamoline in maintenance and fuel costs since he started using them in March, 1993. They have done everything that Pro-Ma said they would do.    

These performance products, including MBL grease and MBL concentrate are available from Pro-ma Fuel and Oil Additives .

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