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Mechanical and wireless level gauges from Pacific Gauge

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Pacific Gauge  specialises in offering a wide range of level management gauges for water, oil, diesel and light fuels. All instruments from Pacific Gauge are manufactured using high quality materials to last for a long time. Level management gauges are used in domestic, rural and industrial applications.

Pacific Gauge offers domestic application range which includes MT Profil R, Active Rain, Watchman Ultiman, Watchman Plus, Watchman Niveau and Tank Signal System. MT Profil R is a mechanical level gauge with a plastic planetary gear mechanism. The mechanical level gauge has an adjustable measuring range from 0 to 250 centimetres by reversible scale.

Pacific Gauge offers a wireless gauge called Watchman Ultiman. The wireless gauge is an electronic gauge which allows accurate monitoring of liquid levels in the storage tanks. Active Rain is yet another wireless measurement device that allows one to monitor the level of water tanks. Watchman Niveau gauge from Pacific Gauge can be retro-fitted to any existing tank. The gauge has a unique self-calibrating tube technology which makes it easier to install. Wireless measurement devices can be used from the comfort of the homes.

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