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With over 50 years on the Australian agricultural scene, Pacific Seeds has demonstrated its commitment to bringing the best plant genetics and seed technology to Australia’s farming community.


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30/08/18 - Dalby grower Derryck Mickleborough trialled the first igrowth hybrid, Sentinel IG, ahead of its commercial release by Pacific Seeds this season.
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25/07/18 - Victoria Hill grower Ted Shooter trialled the ground-breaking new grain sorghum herbicide tolerance technology ‘igrowth’ from Pacific Seeds.
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23/10/17 - Planting sorghum that could handle tough conditions allowed these growers to deliver last summer’s harvest to the Dalby Bio-Refinery without a hitch.
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15/10/17 - ​Smithfield Cattle Co’s first summer crop at recently acquired Sapphire Feedlot, near Goondiwindi, has been a success despite difficult conditions.
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