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MR-Bazley takes to marginal soils

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article image Allan Riordan is impressed with the way MR-Bazley handles his marginal soils
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Breeza Plains grower Allan Riordan has been reaping impressive yields from MR-Buster grain sorghum, and considers it as the backbone of their summer cropping program.
However, last season he wanted more from his marginal land, especially after seeing MR-Bazley at a grower trial and their territory manager recommending it for the lighter, more marginal soil.

Mr Riordan describes MR-Bazley as a tougher version of Buster, and more suited to the lighter soil.

Mr Riordan, along with his sons Andrew and Ross planted the summer crop in late December on good moisture, only to watch a heat wave strike and suck the moisture out of the ground. Temperatures rose to over 40°C immediately after planting their sorghum crop. Luckily for him, MR-Bazley was planted first and got up before the moisture disappeared.

Though they had plenty of rainfall across the season – about 335mm, they sowed right at the end of the sorghum window, which can expose the crop to heat stress.

The crop was sown on 120 hectares using a Monosem planter with metre rows at a seeding rate of 55,000 seeds/ha. Mr Riordan applied 250kg of urea and 40kg Starter at planting and used Starane to control the weeds.

He was happy with the harvest yield of 6.5t/ha. He had also planted MR-Buster, Pacific MR-43 and sunflowers, but MR-Bazley was the standout crop due to its excellent standability in tough conditions.

Mr Riordan also plants winter crops such as durum wheat, canola and chickpeas. He plans to plant more of the tough sorghum variety after he harvests his canola, and is aiming to cover at least 120 hectares this year, if not more.

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