Wheat seeds from Pacific Seeds

High quality Wheat Seed varieties from Pacific Seeds science
High quality Wheat Seed varieties from Pacific Seeds science
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Wheat Seeds

Delivering quality wheat seed varieties to Australia, Pacific Seed is helping businesses Australia wide with high performance planting types including APH, AH, APW, ASWN, durum and feed.

Quality assured Wheat Seed varieties adapted to major growing areas including:
Queensland and North New South Wales

  • Crusader: Dependable and consistent main and later season yields with resilience to Yellow Spot Leaf
  • Orion: Soft mid season variety suitable for biscuit with exceptional disease protection and growth in acid soils
  • Impala: High quality soft wheat with desirable test weight, low screenings and reduced protein build up
  • Gazelle: High yield potential soft wheat for early season plantings or intense production systems
  • EGA Bourke: Reliable early to mid season sowing with resistance to stem and leaf rust, Root Lesion Nematodes and black point

South New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia

  • Phantom: Desirable replacement to Yitpi with improved black point tolerance, CCN resistance, adaptability, yielding capacity as well as reliable rust resistance
  • Merlin: Robust grain size, outstanding test weight and low screenings for early-mid season yield
  • Lincoln SA: Quick to medium growth with high yield potential for a diverse range of planting times
  • EGA Gregory: Strong resistance to Flag Smut for early to mid season sowings with slow/ medium maturity
  • Spitfire: Prime Hard variety with excelled early seedling strength and resilience to Crown Rot
  • Dart: Fast growing with reduced tillering plant type for performance in tighter or shorter seasons

Western Australia

  • Cobra: Suitable for acid soils with exceptional mid maturity yield and resistance to Yellow Spot
  • Scout: Enhanced with CSIRO Transpiration Efficiency gene and good protection from sprouting for high quality grain production

Ensuring dependable wheat seeds with exceptional yield capacity, Pacific Seeds varieties are protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and End Point Royalty (EPR).

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