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Paech Motors - Oakbank South Australia


Supplier news
24/07/08 - Paech Motors Services supplies compact tractors, utility vehicles, commercial mowers and attachments for groundscare requirements.
Supplier news
23/07/08 - Paech Motors Services offers a wide range of John Deere equipment which includes agricultural equipment, golf and turf care equipment and engines and generating sets.
Supplier news
22/07/08 - Paech Motors Services supplies a wide range of agricultural implements such as tractors, mowers, bushcuttters, chainsaws and hay, spray and tillage equipment.

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Paech Motors Services (Head office) Update these details
206 Main Rd
SA 2543
Tel: 08 8388 4111
Fax: 08 8388 4788

Paech Motors Services Brands

Ben Wye Hardi John Deere

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